Invitation by Ken Tsaro-Wiwa

I am on a mission to spark an interest in reading in Nigeria. So, I have decided to share a few of my favourite poems and excerpts from my dearest books to lure people back into literature. #ALiteraryRevival

Come my friend, let’s sing a song

For times that were and are no more,

Surely, Surely, the doom is near

It comes, it comes, I see it here,

Swiftly, slowly, what does it matter?

Let’s sing about the lack of vision

Of greed and mad ambition

That stones the mind and stops the heart

From beating a rhythm of love.

For love and truth are strangers here

And in my heart I feel a hole

And deracinate tree my soul,

Cheer me then with a song of love.

Let me love and sing and dance.

Let me dance and sing and live

Before the doom engulfs.