NYSC Calls


I am embarking on the essential rite of passage that will finally make me Nigerian (maybe). I’m putting the PhD dream on hold and going for National Youth Service. To be honest, I’ve been hoping to move out of Lagos and this NYSC law that people dread so much has given me the perfect excuse to run away.

Speaking of dread, I have been eager to hear about camp life and I’ve interviewed a countless number of people on their experiences. As I listen, I just tell myself, “I will do this. I will survive. I will not cry” ; but once I heard, “Buy a good torchlight. Some people saw snakes in the bathroom”, something snapped. What on earth am I doing? Why am I leaving Lagos?

Anyway, to the main point of this post: RationalNigerian will be on break for a month while I navigate through camp. Thought to say so that the keener followers don’t think I’m bored of writing again. There are a few scheduled posts for next week, after which RationalNigerian will be silent till the end of April (depending on internet availability at my posting).

Well then, till April BGG.


  1. Oh!
    How skilful and intelligent!

    We’ll sure miss your for those period🤔



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