Right, I’m back

Right, I’m back.

I’ve return not just to the blogosphere but to this majestic place that insists on being my home. On the journey back, I spoke to myself. I told her to be calm and patient and have an optimistic outlook towards the progress that has been made while burying all the madness and negativity in the bottom of an imaginary sea.

But it seems my enemies have heard of my newfound optimism and are determined to snatch it out of my hands! Right from the immigration officer that welcomed each traveller with “Happy New Year! Anything for us?”, the forces are against me. The lack of electricity is the ultimate conversation opener. When all possible curses on NEPA have been made, talk shifts to the traffic and it’s a competition to see who leaves home the earliest for work: 5am or 5:30? Turn on the TV and it’s all about the herdsmen crisis and dozens killed in Benue. Switch to the radio and the presenters are having a government bashing session and the negativity could go on for all eternity. I am fighting hard to protect the bubble I’m trying build with sunshine, plantain and ice cold zobo.

I am determined. RationalNigerian is now a happy blog.


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