Sincerest apologies for the silence

Sincerest apologies for the silence.

No, I haven’t been too busy to write. On the contrary, moving to a new city, joining a new university and meeting new strange and wonderful people have given me much inspiration. Plus, I constantly find myself in moments of reflection on my year in Nigeria. Trust me, I am writing.

I have been quiet because this blog is called Rational Nigerian. It was set up to be about Nigeria; but now that I am 5000 miles away from the country, I don’t feel I have the right to talk about it anymore. I don’t feel as if I am entitled to an opinion because living in the country is very different from observing it from afar. A year and a half ago, I didn’t feel this way. In fact, I would probably have been offended if someone said this to me. But now, I have realised that no one gets Nigeria unless you are living in it. I can laugh and grunt and complain about what the president said next to Merkel, but I have no right to talk about it with authority since I no longer spend my nights in paranoia that NEPA is going to take the light. It doesn’t matter if you grew up there. You don’t get Nigeria unless you are actually  experiencing it.

So, I haven’t been too caught up with work to write. I am just trying to figure out what to do with this blog. What direction is it going? What should I write about now? These questions have plagued me throughout this month of silence. I think I am just going to write about anything from now on. It doesn’t matter what about really, as long as I keep sharing my thoughts and letting my friends all over the world know what I’m up to. I should warn the less geeky viewers that I am probably going to post a lot about my research. My work is my little six-week-old baby. Like all first-time parents, I am obsessed with it. Palaeontology takes up all my attention. It keeps me up at night and when I do sleep, it’s all I dream about. It even plagues my thoughts when I’m out socialising with creatures that are still alive.

Anyways, once again, sorry for the disappearing act. I promise to keep on blogging.


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  1. Hi Moji,It’s like you read my thoughts. I just said to myself today that it’s been a while since Moji has written anything but then again with all her settling down maybe no time, also the fact that she isn’t here at the moment could also be another reason, after all what would she be writing about?You’re right Nigeria needs to be experienced :DAll the best dear.


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