When I look at Nigeria, I want to laugh…and cry

When I look at Nigeria, I want to laugh and cry.  Like when the 2016 budget documents got lost, the most incredible mixture of emotions flooded my mind as I watched the ensuing soap opera that was more riveting than anything Telemundo and Zee World could ever offer.  If it were a film, I would have laughed my head out; but it wasn’t television.  It was real life.  Worst of all, it was my country.  How depressing.  Anyway, I did laugh hard with tears streaming down my face, pretending it was come Asian country far away.  When someone got arrested for naming a dog after the president, who still thinks this is a military regime, I did exactly the same.

But how can a place be so heart-rending and hilarious at the same time?  So annoying yet adorable?

When I look at Nigeria, I want to cherish it and detest it.  I love the blue skies, the birds, the flowers and trees.  I hate the smoke and fumes, the noise, the dust and litter.  I hate the days without electricity.  I love the hours spent with a good book, away from technology.

I adore the languages, the cultures, the art and colours everywhere.  I hate the shouting, the evil eyes, the showing off and the gra gra.  I am amazed by our innovation in the midst of adversity.  I am utterly perplexed by this underdeveloped mentality we have that I can’t quite put my finger on.

I admire the amusing boldness we have to do certain things; I can’t stand the rude audacity we have to do others.  I love the family, helping hands and sympathetic lamenters with their bottomless wells of advice.  I hate the gossip and the lack of respect for personal space and privacy.  Really, half the time I just want to rip people’s heads off; half the time I want to peck them.

Ahh!  When I look at Nigeria, I don’t know what to feel.


Image|Source: Nairaland



  1. This one.
    Only my love for Arsenal comes close to describing how I feel about Nigeria.
    You expect disappointment but you hang on. It’s more like a Stockholm Syndrome. You just can’t get enough of the sweet punishment.

    You are certainly not alone. And the Budget thing, I still can’t wrapped my finger around the ‘padding’ thing. It amaze, amuse and depresses me at the same time. We invent a non existent word to justify a crime.
    Funny thing is wether we agree or not, Nigeria is an addiction. I believe those in Heaven still peek through the window to catch a glimpse of happenings at home. You just can’t get away no matter how far you go.


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