Beer, Wine and Sinners

Nigerians seem to have the ultimate love-hate relationship with alcohol.  In a country with so much religiosity that makes one wonder if God is Nigerian, alcohol is often seen as something only the perverse and immoral would touch. Yet, we have so many empty crates of Guinness and broken bottles of champagne lying around.

People act all holier-than-thou in church, looking down at those evil drinkers in bars and clubs but I get to their houses to see bottles of Baileys and that horrible acidic South African wine (seriously, why would anyone want that?) stashed in the fridge.  The religious police in the North routinely destroy bottles of beer but one still sees these northerners drinking away on their visits to London.

Once, someone who’s always chastising me for drinking asked me – with excitement written all over her face – if I was planning to douse that year’s Christmas cake in brandy, as I usually do.  She looked so happy, like a little child anticipating candy.  Yet, she would never admit to liking alcohol; only sinners enjoy the taste of it.

Nigeria is probably Africa’s largest consumer of champagne but very few people I meet would admit that they drink alcohol. Perhaps it’s my circle, or maybe the few that do drink consume a lot. After all, I have witnessed, in broad daylight, a trio drinking half-pint cups of Jack Daniels as if it’s water and they had just finished running a marathon, and they looked like they could finish another bottle in the same fashion.


Image|Source: RationalNigerian 🙂



  1. Lol….still feeling ur writing style menh..
    Btw, a couple of unusual friends and I r startin a book club in lagos. We all pick a book to read and find time to discuss d book….either in person or on a chat group
    Jst read ‘go set a watchman’…
    U up 4 it?


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