So we’re gonna be underwater, huh?

Just a few mildly geeky thoughts…

Anyone who watched the Olympics opening ceremony must have been extremely preoccupied with the current price of rice in the country to not have noticed the climate change images of the Atlantic Ocean swallowing Lagos. Some other cities were also shown being submerged in water, but who cares? They are generally in countries with greater thought and foresight than Nigeria has been blessed with.

If Lagos will be submerged as a result of the melting of Arctic ice, one could presume that a chunk of the oil-drunk Niger-delta would go under too. Then what would Nigeria be? So, my people, what’s the plan?

I’m not a climate change sceptic, but I’m not a member of Greenpeace either. I am more of a believer in adaptation than prevention, given that Earth has drifted in and out of greenhouse and icehouse climates several times in its 4-billion-year history, and the ice cap has never really been a permanent fixture. Climate change will not destroy Earth, it will just change its landscape and force us to readjust our way of life. If we are to survive, we must adapt.

Anyway, we’re gonna be underwater, huh? And we are still building elaborate mansions on sand-filled Banana Island and high-rises on the reclaimed Eko Atlantic City. Perhaps this whole climate change thing is scientists’ palavar and we shouldn’t disturb you with it; but haven’t you noticed how the seasons have increased in intensity? How we wait so long for rain and when the clouds finally grace us with their presence, the downpour destroys everything. Isn’t it getting more extreme every year? Think about how the mangoes, agbalumo, and other homegrown food appeared late this year. Are we just going to do our thing and procrastinate, dumping everything on the next generation or cry out to the West when trouble comes?

Oh well, at least Abuja will be dry.


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