Lagos life, you’re killing too many people!

Yesterday, I found out that one of my  junior secondary school teachers died a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, she was so mean to me in JSS1, but over the years, she warmed up and our relationship became sweeter. She is the third teacher I know to have died of a stress-related illness.

Too many people have met their demise with this Lagos life. Is it really worth it? All the running around and sleepless nights, is it really worth your life? We only get one existence and Lagosians are wasting it away in their cars and windowless offices, in the cacophony of generators and attacks from gutter-bred mosquitoes and vermin. Not to mention the mediocre nutrition we get from the plastic food we eat.

Something has to change. You can’t keep doing this to yourself all in the name of money that you won’t carry to your grave. Or doesn’t everyone die naked?

As for me, I can’t deal with this place. If I decide to settle permanently in Nigeria, it most definitely won’t be in Lagos. Though it’s home, life is way too short for me to waste it in this city.

Stop fussing, take life easy and readjust your priorities. Is that job worth your life? Is Lagos really worth your soul? Seriously, listen: Sleep well, go on holidays and take good care of yourself, or death will impose rest on you.


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