The Condom Email

You may recall that a month ago, I wrote a post on contraception and family planning in overcrowded Nigeria.  Sometime later, RationalNigerian got an email from a family planning company that sells low-cost condoms, pills and IUDs, advertising their products.

Well, I called up a friend and we had a good laugh about it. When the hilarity of it all had died down, I took my time to read the mail and this stood out:

The Healthcare Provider’s biased nature towards adolescents and contraceptive education affects both the type of care they offer and the type of contraception teens seek out, therefore reducing access for this at-risk population.

Young people including adolescents in Nigeria constitute a significant proportion of the population and face the challenges of unintended pregnancies and teenage abortion. These unique challenges often compromises their health and developmental potentials.

Young people in Nigeria are the ones most in need of contraception and we are the ones denied of it.  We are not even educated about it.  I had to learn about contraceptives online.

While for personal reasons I don’t agree with the idea of IUDs for teenagers and unmarried people, I am a strong supporter of having morning-after pills readily available to young people, and if possible, for free.  Given the prevalence of sexual abuse in Nigeria and the social stigma against rape victims and single mothers, this form of contraception is desperately needed. Take a look at Boko Haram abuse victims and how they’ve been marginalised in their communities.

So, if you happen to be interested in family planning and population control, check out DKT International Nigeria .

(And no, I am not getting paid for this)


Image|Source: Fabian Reus, Flickr



  1. I shared a similar post on my Facebook few days ago. Urgingthe Church to do more on matters concerning sex. Especially as it relates to young people.
    Teens should be educated on sex not just told the Dos and Donts. Let them be more informed to make their own choices. Because if information doesn’t come from the right sources it will surely come from another.

    And as you rightly said, quick access to contraceptive is essential. Walk into a local Pharmacy and request for a condom, the hypocritical looks sometimes is sickening. Most times people don’t even call it by its name, all in a bid to avoid the shame of being seen as wild. Ironically the smashing that happens with unprotected sex is what usually leads to so many social vices that could have easily been avoided.


    1. I’m all for the church educating young people more because most of the time teenage sex is a result of curiosity.
      And I think we really need to stop judging each other and acting as if we dont know what sex is, so that we can honestly address the issues surrounding it and provide adequate contraception. At least, that would run those derelict abortion ‘clinics’ out of business.


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