Do Blogs Count As Reading? #ALiteraryRevival

I read a lot of blogs. Surely, I don’t need #ALiteraryRevival.  I sense some people are thinking this, and it’s a fair point.

I find that blogs are comparable to newspapers. They do make good reads and tell you what’s happening now in someone’s mind as in the online diaries that are blogs and in the world (it is always a mess; I don’t know why journalists bother) as in papers or news websites.

Nevertheless, like with newspapers, one can’t put books and blogs on the same level.   Books are well thought out, ultimate expressions of a person’s reasoning. They tend to be more in-depth and critical on a particular subject or story and are more artistic, showing off greater literary prowess.

Blogs are simply quick bites that only touch the surface like a meat pie; but books are the whole package- hot jollof rice, grilled chicken, plantain, and salad with chilled Coca-Cola. Really good books by marvellous writers even add in hot puff-puff straight from the fire.

Hungry yet?  Pick up a book today and feed yourself.


I am on a mission to get Nigerians reading books again. If I can get just one person to fall in love with the written word, I would be ecstatic. Look out for blog posts with the tagline, #ALiteraryRevival, and spread the word!

I will marry you if you promise not to make me eat eggplant

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