6 Months of Writing – I Am Exhausted

Dear Reader,

It just occurred to me that today marks six months of RationalNigerian.

The initial relief and euphoria I had a month after I started this blog has somehow fizzled out.

Don’t get me wrong, writing is still a wonderful outlet; but it no longer takes the weight off as it used to and I tend to feel completely drained after writing a post – especially those written as one continuous outburst.

Sometimes, I do feel discouraged and I think that I should just pack up and abandon the blog. Yet, I press on (pun not intended) because I know that one day, I will look back and know it’s all worth it and writing is the best form of therapy.

So, thanks for reading RationalNigerian.

This time around, I need a stiff drinking – not sparkling grape juice. And I’m making a toast not to bravery but to the strength and perseverance of writers.





  1. Dear Writer, I just took some time out to read some posts I had missed earlier on. I must say Speaking “Nigerian” series is hilarious but true. Wow, I went your link to listen to The Prime Ministers Speech, amazing! Yup, I’m all for speaking “Nigerian”, nothing to be ashamed of. I loved your take on Nigerian Literary works, but it’s sad that you only began to appreciate them abroad. It’s the sad state of affairs of anything Nigerian. Good job – your blog. More grease to your elbows or should I say to your fingers?

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  2. Please keep up the writing. It is refreshing to get a ‘letter from Nigeria’. It helps give those of us trapped in the insulated Western European bubble of the UK an insight into issues elsewhere. And more important, it reassures those that know Moji that she is still battling on changing/improving the world one blog post at a time

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  3. Dear Moji,
    I love your blog, it’s honest and I can relate cos i’m a Nigerian too. I love your personality that i’ve somehow discovered through your writing.
    Keep writing, I know the blogging struggle is real, but don’t let yourself get weary. Its always worth it in the end.
    Zoe(not my real name tho😝)


  4. I’m not sure my previous comment delivered and I want you to get my message so I’ll try again,

    Dear Moji,
    I love your blog and your personality communicated through your writing.
    True the blogging struggle is real, but please don’t get weary because you have my eyes watching out for your every post. And i’m sure many more eyes.
    Keep up the good work! In the end it always pays.


    1. Thanks for your uplifting comment! I’ll try to remember yours and everyone’s lovely words whenever I feel too depressed to write
      And yes, the first one came through 🙂

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  5. Hello Moji,
    Keep writing. Don’t even think of quiting. I have been blogging for about 3 years (unseriously for 2 of those) The euphoria is not always be there, but the love of birthing words keeps me coming back. I vowed to write more this year, tune my craft and write deliberately. At the end of the year I will judge how far I have travelled, but the journey has been amazing.
    So keep writing, one day you will look back and be elated you did.

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