Dear Biafra

I am not one for politics but I really want to understand you.  I myself am not a believer in this failed experiment called Nigeria.  We are only together because some Europeans came and made 250 distinct peoples a country.  So let’s sit down, have some Amstel Malta and chin-chin, and talk.

Biafra, what is your plan?  Freedom chants and comradeship are all nice and exciting, but at what cost?

Is it really a country or jobs and money you want?  Many of you protesting are unemployed youths, and I can sympathise with that.  Or is it the destruction of your land that bites?  I get that too.  However, over a million people died last time you broke away.  Are your grievances really worth another slaughter?

Besides, the same breed of humans who pillage Nigeria will rule over you in the new Biafra whether you like it or not.  The idealist that fights for freedom rarely ever comes to power and if they do, it’s short-lived or they themselves become epitomes of what they once raged against.  It’s the greedy pot-bellied idiots that will make their way to the top and you will carry with you the same gluttony that plagues our country.  You won’t have Hausa or Yoruba to blame, only yourselves.  Then will the minorities cry out for independence too?  Will there be more bloodshed?

Dear Biafra, I really wish we had let you go peacefully in 1967; however, if you try again, all hell would break loose like never before.  All I ask is that you think this through and not jump of a cliff at the push of mere passion.


Image|Source: BBC



  1. Being an Igbo, Biafra is a delicate topic. A lot of people feel marginalised hence the dire desire to leave the country for good. However, just like you said, if the same people are going to lead the new Biafra, what’s the point?

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