Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘rational’ and what it means.

Through years of schooling, I have learned to see it as a humanist word. When a publication or society is called ‘rational’, one knows what to expect -a largely atheistic discussion, centred on science, that throws arrows at theism and all its branches.

However, back here in Nigeria, that’s the only word that registered in my head in the midst of the stupidity and pandemonium the country has to offer.  I would think to myself: Is there no rational Nigerian? Where is common sense?  When I decided to unload my frustration on a blog, I struggled a bit with ‘rational’ because of its humanist meaning. I decided to use it as a working title (it was either this or something like Mj’s Musings) then change it later when I came up with something more poetic and exciting. However, I was persuaded by friends not to touch the name.

Yet, can one really call this blog rational? If I take rational to mean sane and sensible rather than humanist, yes, I suppose one can. Then again, I’m the writer. Of course I think my work makes sense.

Bias does play a role in rationality; but how unbiased can a blog possibly be? Moreover, I have concluded that though I think myself culturally unbiased, I am not. What I call neutrality with regards to culture is actually mostly western culture. Neither am I neutral with religion. There will always be an undertone of my faith in my work, just as an atheist’s lack of faith shows in their writing. I can’t help it; our beliefs shape us as humans.

So, rational Nigerian? Well, not completely. Nevertheless, in this centre of confusion, I want to be a voice of reason and call a spade a spade.


  1. Don’t worry, you are rational, that’s why i’m subscribed to your blog.
    And yes, every rational thot or writing is always subjective and comparative.

    To less vague things, Coldplay is playing at wembley tomorrow, you should write about that.lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Lol I kinda went off Coldplay after Princess of China. There was just something about them mingling with Rihanna that put me off (mind you, I don’t exactly dislike her).


      1. ….yeah, they had an indiscretion with Rihanna, but still, what can we do with people we love so so muchv when they dabble in d stupid. Anyway, coldplay is now back to legendary…
        Loving d show by d way…coldplay not up yet but some ‘time-fillers’ av been entertaining us..

        Coldplay shld be after Lianne LA Havas…
        It’s gonna be d stuff of legends…


      2. Coldplay still remains bae too me. Although they haven’t gotten to that elevated seat occupied by Ed Sheeran and few others who can do no wrong in my eyes.
        Don’t really like Princess of China, but it’s Coldplay and I enjoy their songs.


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