Times Have Always Been Hard

When has there ever been a ‘good time’ in Nigeria?

The government has always been a corrupt mess that blamed the previous government for mishaps.

The dollar rate has always been a pain in the neck. It leads students to their knees to plead for their university tuition and sends tearful businesses packing.

There’s always been the threat of an uprising or another civil war. Herdsmen and farmers enjoy strangling each other’s throats. The youth are perpetually angry.

Electricity has always been bad. When has NEPA ever been good to us?

The fuel price has always been volatile. Remember when the pump price of petrol was increased from N40-something to N60-something? We complained and went on strike. Some time later, we started paying N86.50. Now petrol costs N145 per litre. Like all those other times, we will still get around.

Yes, the price of rice has doubled and tomatoes are nowhere to be seen. Even cheese balls are more expensive! But we will still eat. Somehow, we will find something.

Times have always been hard, but we are still standing. Through the difficult decades of independence, we’ve triumphed and emerged as overcomers – with battle scars to prove it. So, we will conquer this horrible year too.

To the Mr Chidos of this country: All is not well but we are freakishly innovative people. We will always find a way. Aren’t we Nigerians?

(Wow, did I just write something optimistic?)


Image|Source: encomium.ng



  1. True talk and for once though a depressing topic, it didn’t sound depressing. It sounded hopeful, optimistic and even playful. Yes o proudly Nigerian.


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