My Favourite Family Member, The Generator

I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you.  Yes, I know I complain a lot about your noise and indifference to global warming.  I also understand that sometimes we overwork you for our selfish needs; but you are one of us, part of the family.  What’s more, you are my favourite family member.

Whenever you are ill, I pray fervently for your recovery.  Like the time you needed a battery transplant, I would lie awake in the middle of the night thinking of you.  Your pain is my pain.

You bring life to the house in no way an inverter can.  Without you, everything melts away and spoils.  Without you, the silence is deafening.  The house can’t function properly – you make it a home.

Then they bring you back to life.  I hear your roar and breath in your exhaust aroma.  I feel the gentle blow of the AC on my face and dance at the pleasure of drinking cold water again.  Home awakens with vibrant animation and my sigh of relief can be heard miles away.

I love you, dear generator.



  1. LOLz. I never thought about generators as members of the family. But yes you did make a point as to how the house comes alive after a long period on no electricity.

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  2. Don’t know how life in Nigeria would be without generators. Thank you for the smile you put on my baby’s face when she hears your sound.

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