Uncompleted Buildings

The uncompleted buildings littered around us are poignant metaphors for the tragic state of the country they inhabit.

They seem sad and naked against the backdrop of dark and heavy tropical clouds; surrounded by unpaved ground that transforms into a muddy swimming pool when the rain arrives.

They boast no ceilings or doors, and stand without rooves. Wires hang out dangerously ready to cause havoc. Lizards roam around audaciously. Rats run in and out of the walls whose cement and gravel are eroded away by the torrential rains of the wet season.

For years, even decades, they are planned and developed but never reach the finish line. Perhaps the money ran out. Perhaps the builders simply lost interest and moved on to yet another dream that’s destined for failure.

They are fated to become shacks for the homeless; playgrounds and graveyards of the insane. Ordained to be havens of robbery and kidnap; of rape and beheadings; of murder and suicide.

Like their country, they are nests of dilapidated life.

While searching for an image for this post, under the search term ‘uncompleted building Nigeria’, I found more than enough images of decapitated half-naked bodies left to rot in these buildings. Obviously, humans are no better than cattle.


Image|Source: Seattle Globalist, Flickr


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