I have been seeing this sign in front of a hospital (more like a glorified clinic) for some time now:


 Doctors and nurses needed!!!!


There is no picture because I am not interested in shaming anyone in particular. I’ve seen similar signs in front of many other glorified clinics.

Aside from the fact that they are set up as for-profit businesses like schools and churches (do expect a return to the Money Making Machine series), how wise is it for hospitals to advertise for custodians of human life so publicly and unprofessionally ?

Anyone could claim to be a nurse or doctor.  I could wake up one day and apply for the nursing position.  I could fabricate a solid medical work experience, saying that I trained abroad and there would be no questions.  Don’t be surprised if I get the job.

Can’t they liaise directly with reputable medical schools and employ their graduates?

Never mind that human lives are at stake as long as the money is coming in.  I genuinely feel scared for my life knowing that there’s a possibility that the next time I go to hospital my nurse or doctor may be a random unqualified walk-in from the street.



  1. Here, professionalism is almost non-existent. You also made me ponder; why haven’t all these health institutions thought about liasing with reputable schools to employ their graduates.


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