Divine Favour or Earthly Misconduct?

Favour is a lovely word that one often hears floating out of believers’ lips.  Placing ‘divine’ before it injects infinitely more awe and gravity.  From the look on people’s faces when they say “divine favour”, it seems to taste like the sweetest honey to the speaker, sounding like the greatest symphony to the ear.

Could I claim divine favour if I cut corners to achieve a desired, successful result?

Is it favour if a job interview goes badly but the interviewer still employs me because we are from the same state or ethnic group?  If, for example, we are both Efik while the more qualified candidate is Igbo?

What if a questionable loan application gets mysteriously fast tracked and approved because the banker and the applicant worship at the same church or their children go to the same school?

Is it divine intervention if a police officer ‘miraculously’ pardons me for taking one way (driving on the wrong side of the road)?  Or is it because I settled (bribed) them?  Is this worthy of an anecdote in church when people are giving testimonies?

Is it alright to hold a thanksgiving service for being elected into government when you used your loaded bank account to get appointed?

Could I claim integrity and thank God for such ‘breakthroughs’?

Just a thought…



  1. Good read. Every “blessing” is attributed to God’s favour. It doesn’t matter if you cheat to pass an exam, steal/loot to get rich or lie against their neighbours to get to the top.


  2. Divine favour? Yes, God favours His people. But it has nothing to do with ‘works’. If I give a bribe to get a contract and I go to church to give a testimony on how God favoured me to get the job, I am a big LIAR. Shame on me. There’s nothing divine about that favour.


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