Let the Flag Fly at Half-Mast

Let the flag fly at half-mast;

Till children are no longer burned to death.

Let the people be in permanent mourning;

Till soldiers lay down their guns and terrorists forget how to scare.

Let there be a deafening silence in the church and mosque;

Till the kidnappings and vanishings cease to exist.

Let a condolence book be open in every home, every office, every meeting place;

Till unjust deaths are not as common as rain in the wet season.

Let the parties and thanksgivings stop;

Till those who serve us with their lives are given their dues.

Let the elaborate concerts and their million-naira VIP tickets be cancelled;

Till each mouth is fed and every child is in school.

Let the men wear black;

Till fists are unfolded and raw bruises are but a prehistoric nightmare.

Let the streets be empty.

Go home all of you and weep!

Let my country’s flag fly at half-mast;

Till it is worth the glory it ascribes to itself.


Image | Source: Flickr


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