One Month of Writing

Firstly, to all who’ve bothered to read RationalNigerian posts: Thank you!

This blog has fulfilled its therapeutic purposes, helping to ease the symptoms of the madness that anyone who lives in Lagos is infected with.  Since I started writing, I have less angry outbursts and breathe easier simply because I am unburdening all my concerns on you, the reader.  When someone writes a comment or drops a message about a piece, I actually smile.  My face hasn’t done much of that since I reluctantly stepped out of the coolness of the plane into the nauseating humidity of Murtala Mohammed Airport.

Any writer will tell you about the nail-biting nervous fever that consumes the body when they show their work to someone for the first time.  As a novice, the body shakes even more violently.  When I don’t get feedback from anyone on a particular post, all hell breaks loose and an imaginary neon light blinking the word ‘FAILURE’ clouds my vision.  So please like, follow, share, write a comment, let me know what you think so I can gauge myself, learn more from you and improve.

As some of you have pointed out, I know it is impossible for anything to be completely free from bias.  Nevertheless, I am trying my best to put my own cultural inclinations aside when addressing issues that affect the country.  After all, this is a nation of over 250 ethnic groups and languages.  Heaven knows how many religions.

Lastly, in tribute to a month of blogging I will be opening a bottle of the country’s must-have beverage at special occasions – sparkling grape juice.  Join me in a tribute to all the nervous bloggers out there. Let’s toast the bravery of writing.





      1. I’m afraid not. That series was personal; about the things that get me the most. I’m moving on to complain about other things now 😛


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