Straws on the Camel’s Back


I recently moved back to Lagos after spending my entire teenage life in the UK. I anticipated settling down and relearning the culture here in Nigeria would be difficult. It has been horrendous. I liken my daily experiences to someone carving out my brain and soaking it in boiling hot water. I am not adjusting well at all. Admittedly, much of my discomfort stems from me getting too comfortable with Western life and not seeing Nigeria as home. I am simply here because my passport says that I should be here. However, there are some legitimate issues I have with this country. I refer to them as ‘straws on the camel’s back’. Eventually this back may break. Well, unless I take off some of the straws and dump them on someone else. I feel myself descending steadily into a state of insanity. If I do not write, I will break down.

Most of this would not be new and probably sound like a repeat of other articles and would be embossed with clichés; but this exercise is necessary venting so I make no apologies for its unoriginality. I have limited myself to no more than 500 words on each article in this series to stop myself from unintelligible ranting. I am a reserved person by nature but on these topics I could go on for pages and pages.

The reader should also note that this is a result of personal reflection. I generally do not like writing in the first person but this was necessary in order to convey the inner workings of my mind. So important it is for me to express myself that several times during the course of writing this series I have had to caution myself on the excessive use of adjectives and conjunctions to tie in these adjectives.

Read and let me know what you think. Leave comments, advice or whatever. But do try to be nice.



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